client testimonials

"It's an art to make people feel this good!"

  “Thea Dixon held one of her Organic Gourmet Evenings at my home. I chose the Moroccan menu. Apart from the outstanding flavors and authentic variety of foods, the preparation of the vegetables was so good that I wanted to learn how to prepare them! All of my guests were equally impressed with the meal, as well as presentation and the stunningly unique way Thea styled the whole evening. It is an art to make people feel this good! I was so intrigued by Thea’s talent that she and I commenced planning a joint venture, featuring 5-course dining evenings designed to highlight each other’s menus on alternating weeks.  I welcome opportunities to showcase unique talent and Thea exemplifies this in every way.” – Franck Peissel, Executive Chef of Franck’s Restaurant  

"Flavorful elements...with appealing sophistication"

  “I was fascinated by Thea's extensive knowledge and experience with ethnic and regional cuisines. Her dishes have a unique and distinctive flare. She incorporates all the flavorful elements found in food and presents them with appealing sophistication. Don’t forget that the only thing that compliments good appearance is good taste and Thea delivers both! I look forward to the next event. I’m certain that I will once again be dazzled by Thea’s culinary skills.” – Marco V., Chartwells Dining Services  

Thea's food goes beyond what I thought food could taste like!"

  “I am a Dentist in the Salt Lake area, have an interest in natural medicine and use it in my practice. I appreciated the complete sensory experience of Thea's beautiful table decor combined with her aromatic food. It was surprising to my taste buds and goes beyond what I thought food could taste like! All of her dishes feel healthy and good in my body, which is not how I normally feel after I dine out. Her menus make me feel energized and rejuvenated. Thea is also a talented host in the way she brings people together and makes everyone comfortable just by her obvious joy for doing what she loves to do. I invited Thea to train my staff on holistic nutrition, portion control and weight management. She is very inspiring, fun and motivating.” – Les Brooks, DDS  

"Each meal filled my body but also my soul."

  “I had the good fortune to have eaten Thea’s cooking daily for four months and during that time, I experienced a wonderful array of textures, flavors and colors. Each meal not only filled my body but also my soul as it bridged the gap between delicious and nutritious. Thea is a genius at bringing out the flavors in food with her combination of oils, spices, cutting techniques and commitment to using all organic foods. You know you’re in for a true culinary experience if Chef Thea is cooking!” – Valerie L.  

"This will definitely go down as one of my best dining experiences!"

 “Words can't always describe a truly satisfying meal. This was absolutely amazing and will definitely go down as one of my best dining experiences! The appetizer was healthy and delicious. I never was a big fan of beets, however, this was a turning point, for sure. The main courses had a very lasting after taste. I liked how there was infusion and creativity in the choice of dishes. I would never have imagined this, but the dinner was refreshing to my daily routine and actually made me feel positive about the whole weekend! Thank you, Chef Thea!” – Atandra B. 

"A sophisticated palate and attention to detail!"

  “Chef Thea has a sophisticated palate and gives great attention to detail. I was impressed that she understood my desire to strive for perfection each evening and tolerated my criticisms to the entire staff in order to achieve this high standard. Thea is well spoken and a good communicator. I asked that Thea present the six course dinner to the forty customers and she did a terrific job of that while communicating with each table after the entrees were served.” – Joy Vik, Owner of The Viking Yurt