About Chef Thea

A passion for cooking, health and wellness.


A native of Bonn, the Napa Valley of Germany, Thea's love for food was fostered from a young age by her parents and she did her first cleanse at 15 in her mother's kitchen. Her keen interest in human development, culture and beauty soon blossomed into her own distinctive holistic modality, which incorporates her culinary skills with degrees in nursing and biology as well as training in anthropology, psychology, wellness coaching, meditation and intuitive bodywork. She is an expert at customizing plans to address your unique constitution, lifestyle and needs. After traveling extensively to various countries around the world from Morocco to Thailand to India, Thea's vast body of knowledge on foreign cuisine allows her to offer a global take on any menu. Her hallmark flare for food is a feast for the senses and the spirit. Using her innovative methods, she combines the art of fine dining with the science of naturopathic nutrition to give clients a mind, body and soul makeover that tastes as good as it feels!

Going above and beyond food.


Utilizing her rich and eclectic international culinary background, Thea designs cuisine that is both multi-sensory and multi-faceted in its healing properties, leaving clients satisfied, replenished, and "soul-full!" Her wellness coaching creates tangible changes in how you feel about food as well as your body, allowing for improved energy, a stronger immune system, fewer allergies, balanced hormones and better intimacy while promoting anti-aging benefits.

The plate as a starting point.


Thea not only has a zeal for crafting culinary masterpieces – she has a firm commitment to providing her clients with the transformative tools that will put them on the path to wellness! Food is fuel for the body as are thoughts and feelings. This is why Thea specializes in bringing awareness to the many varying connections to food. She believes in addressing both physical and emotional hunger in order to treat, nourish, nurture and support our bodies to the fullest.