Mind, Body & Soul Cuisine By Thea Dixon

Mind, Body & Soul Cuisine By Thea Dixon

Mind, Body & Soul Cuisine By Thea DixonMind, Body & Soul Cuisine By Thea DixonMind, Body & Soul Cuisine By Thea Dixon

About Chef thea

Feeling empowered is directly related to health and vitality.

Great health starts with great food. Chef Thea recently relocated to San Francisco area after creating  sensory experiences with food throughout Los Angeles. She blends her culinary expertise with her specialized training in modalities such as naturopathic nutrition, Ayurveda, meditation and conscious living to infuse food with healing and vitality that awakens the mind, body and soul while enticing the palate! 

Nutrition supports and promotes your body's own healing intelligence.

Chef Thea believes a new health paradigm is necessary for our collective vitality. She applies this philosophy to her clients through food, allowing the body's own natural intelligence to encourage healing and relaxation. Her cuisine is an elegant, alchemical blend of art and science. Using her signature holistic approach, she tackles imbalances through organic cooking, customized cleanses, classes and counseling services to create sustainable improvements and numerous benefits that clients can enjoy for years to come!

Restore energy, improve digestion and increase immunity through nutrition.

Vibrant health is far more dependent on habits and nutrition than prescriptions or diets. You can activate your body's innate ability to heal through food. Chef Thea will teach you the meaning of loving nourishment on all levels, allowing for optimal digestion and nutrition to boost your immune system and provide anti-aging benefits. She combines her extensive training with a zest for high-quality, healing foods to help clients eat well for life!


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Chef Thea is looking forward to working with you!

For your complimentary phone consult, simply contact Thea. She welcomes the opportunity to customize her services and menus to your specific needs and tastes, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan. She is based in the San Francisco Area and is available to assist clients globally for detoxes, wellness coaching and her signature cuisine.

Chef Thea Dixon

Piedmont, Oakland United States

(801) 598-2897